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8 years old smartphone will earn 50 thousand every month! just have to do this


New Delhi. After the smartphone is old, we often sell it. Because after a time we start feeling that it is of no use. But there is no need to do this every time. Because you can earn a lot of money with the help of old smartphone and there will be no problem in it. Today we are going to tell you about some similar things.

Youtube Video-

You are going to earn big money from Youtube too. Many people are also earning handsomely. If you want to do the same then first you must have a smartphone and with the help of it you can shoot videos. Also, after editing on this, you can also upload the video to YouTube. That is, overall it is going to be very easy for you. Many people are earning 50 thousand a month from youtube.

Earning from Instagram-

Instagram can also be an easy way to earn from old smartphones. If you upload a good video on Instagram and it becomes viral, then it can also earn well. All you need to do is upload it on Instagram on time. To upload a video on Instagram, you must have a smartphone and in this case you can earn well from here too.

Earning will also be done from Facebook-

Facebook can also prove to be the best option for you to earn up to 50 thousand rupees a month. Here you are given the option to upload the video. Even if you do not get any money from Facebook for the video, but with the help of promotional videos, you can earn. Many people are earning well with the help of this. This is the reason why it becomes very easy for them to do so.


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