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8-month-old baby dies in phone explosion, follow ‘these’ tips to prevent explosion

New Delhi:The news of Redmi 6A Blast came out recently. A woman was killed in the blast. Now once again the information about explosion in the phone has come to light. A shocking incident has come to light that an 8-month-old girl died due to a mobile phone explosion. The mobile in which the explosion took place is said to be a keypad phone. The phone was charged. It has been reported that the battery has exploded due to overheating.

This unfortunate incident has taken place at Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. According to the information received, a woman bought a new keypad mobile about 6 months ago. Last Sunday, my mobile phone was connected to the charger. The woman’s 8-month-old daughter was sleeping near the phone. The charging phone suddenly exploded. The explosion was so terrifying that the girl who was sleeping near the phone died. The battery of the keypad mobile was already full. The socket in which the phone was charged. It was connected to a solar panel. It is believed that the phone was damaged due to unbalanced current. Then there was an explosion in the battery.

Redmi 6A Blast
A woman died due to an explosion in a Redmi phone. The woman was sleeping next to her Redmi 6A smartphone. The phone under the pillow exploded. Due to this explosion, the woman got a serious injury on her head. This woman has died in it. After tagging Redmi company officials on a tweet, a reply has come from the company. An investigation into the matter has been ordered.

Avoid these mistakes while charging your phone
There have been many cases of phone blasts while charging. Many people have been seriously injured due to explosion in phone batteries.

1. Do not charge the mobile overnight. This damages the battery of the phone.

2. Always charge with the original charger that came with the mobile phone. Do not use any other phone charger with output voltage and current.

3. If the phone battery is damaged, replace it immediately. Do not use local batteries available in the market.

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