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72 year old man drives 20 lakh kilometers in Toyota car, condition is still first class

Man Driving 30 Year Old Toyota Car: Some people love their car so much that even after driving it for many years, they do not change it. Something similar has been done by Graeme Hebley, a 72-year-old veteran of New Zealand. In fact, he has been driving the same car for the last 22 years which is 30 years old. This car is Toyota Corolla which was launched in 1993. This car has run 20 lakh kilometers till now.

Hebli believes that this car is still in good condition so it can go further. He told that he travels about 5,000 kms every week in this car in connection with his work.

Hebli told that he had bought this car from a seller in Japan in the year 2000, when this car had run 80,000 kms. They use this car for delivery service.

He told that till now there has been no major problem in this car. He told that the bearings of the wheels of this car have been changed 20 times. Hebli says that he has been driving this car for more than 20 years but he is not tired of it.

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Habli’s Toyota Corolla is a 1993 model that is powered by a 1.8-liter inline 4-cylinder engine. This car generates power of 115 bhp and torque of 156 Nm. A 5-speed manual gearbox has been used in it.



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