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7000 years old man, remains of animals found in Saudi Arabia!

Archaeologists have found a 7 thousand year old monument in Saudi Arabia, in which the remains of humans have also been found. Along with this, bones of hundreds of animals have also been found. This monument has been found in a desert. It is being said about the monument that it must have been a place where some ritual would have been performed by a cult.

This monument found by archaeologists in Saudi Arabia tells a surprising story. Investigators have found the remains of an adult male who is said to be around 30 years old. of LiveScience Report According to, these remains have been found inside a mustatil. Mustatil is a rectangular structure in Arabic language. study journal PLoS One has been published in This discovery has now also brought new information about Mustatil, it is said.

It is also said to be one of the 1600 Mustatils discovered since 1970. Most of these have been found buried under the sand. It is said about them that they were made when Arabia used to be a green area instead of a desert and these Mustatil were made here for elephants and hippos to bathe.

It has been said that when gradually climate change When this happened, this area turned into a desert. And with this the people of the cult must have gathered here and they must have sacrificed their animals here to please their deity. However, which deity or supreme power they worshiped has not been ascertained yet.

The report notes that according to study lead author Melissa Kennedy, an archaeologist at the University of Western Australia, ‘nothing has been written about Mustatil. What they were used for and their relation to rituals or cults, is not known. Now the meeting of this one more Mustatil indicates that he must have had a deep connection with some cult of that time. The use of these rectangular structures may be associated with an important ritual.


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