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$70 classic updated: Logitech G502 X gaming mouse launched in China

In China, the Logitech G502 X gaming mouse went on sale. There it costs 499 yuan, which is equivalent to 69 dollars. This model uses the latest Lightforce switches, which are classified as opto-mechanical. They are claimed to provide fast response times, accurate actuation and a good level of reliability.

The mouse also uses Hero 25K sensors, and Lightspeed wireless interface is used for connection. The novelty supports work with proprietary G Hub software, in which you can configure different mouse sensitivity options, which will allow you to adapt it to different game genres.

Note that the Logitech G502 X line includes three options: the standard G502 X, G502 X Lightspeed and G502 X Plus. At the same time, for the first time in the series, there are black and white colors. The difference between the models is minimal: the G502 X is the wired version, while the G502 X Plus is the RGB version.

In September, such a mouse was already on sale in India, but there the cost is almost $100. Previously reported that the European version will cost $140.

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