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7 out of 10 women are leaving their jobs! Many shocking revelations made in LinkedIn’s survey

Women Leaving Jobs in India: Professional social site LinkedIn has recently published a report according to which 10 to 7 women in India are considering leaving the job. According to a report shared by LinkedIn, the biggest reasons for women leaving jobs are bias in the workplace, pay cuts and lack of working place flexibility.

LinkedIn surveyed 2,266 women
To make this report, LinkedIn has interacted with about 2266 women. It focuses on the work of women and the challenges related to it. Research by LinkedIn has shown that the Corona Pandemic has had a very bad effect on the work of women. Due to this epidemic, about 10 to 7 women i.e. about 83 percent women in the country prefer to work in a more flexible way in the office.

Women leaving jobs because of earning flexibility
It has been found from this survey that about 70 percent of women have already left or are considering leaving the job as compared to earlier. Along with this, she is also rejecting job offers.

Balance of work with personal life is important
In this survey, 3 out of 5 women believe that flexibility in the workplace makes it easier to strike a balance between personal life and work. It helps women to advance in career. Along with this, it is also necessary for their good mental health. With all these things, she is able to do the job easily even further.

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