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7 cooking mistakes that negatively affect your health

Certain culinary habits can directly affect the taste of food and even the state of our body. There are seven of them, as noted by the author of Al Jazeera with a reference to Bright Side.

  1. Using one knife to cut all ingredients… Because of this, harmful bacteria can enter all foods. It is better not to cut the already cooked meat with the same knife you used to cut the raw one.
  1. Stirring rice… If the rice is stirred during cooking, it will boil over. It is also important to remember the required amount of water: one glass of liquid for half a glass of the product.
  1. Cutting a steak immediately after cooking… It is best to leave the meat for a few minutes. This will make the dish more juicy.
  1. Wrong oil selection… Each cooking option needs a different type of oil. Extra virgin olive is used when frying at low temperatures to create sauces. In general, vegetable oils, such as sunflower, are more suitable for baking, frying, stewing. Corn is needed for baking and deep-frying, and canola oil is needed for grilling, baking, and frying at high temperatures.
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