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6 tips, now photos will always be safe!

If you are going somewhere, then the journey seems incomplete without a camera, although today the smartphone has replaced the camera, but still people use high-end cameras to keep the memories of their journey fresh. All these cameras take memory card or microSD card in which your photos and videos are saved, but sometimes we make some such mistakes which are a bit difficult to compensate.
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Suppose you went out somewhere for 10 days where you have saved many photos, but after coming home, if suddenly your same photos are deleted by fraud, then what will you do in such a situation. We have brought you 5 such tips which will be very useful for you while traveling.
1: Always keep in mind that you do not delete photos directly from the memory card. If you want to delete photos, then do it with the camera itself. In this way the copy files saved in your memory card will be safe, and you will be able to take those pictures.
2: Always carry an extra memory card with you when traveling. Do you know when you need it? The memory card may be defective or may be full. That’s why it is better that you have extra memory cards.
3: Always carry the memory card with the case. This keeps the memory card safe.
4: Always make a backup of photos. With this, if you ever delete a photo by mistake, then you will not have to regret it.
5: If you find it difficult to back up photos, you can save them in cloud storage.
6: If for some reason your memory card gets corrupted, you have an option of a data recovery program. Through this you can get your photos back.


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