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6 of the weirdest modern keyboards

The blog of the IT company Selectel on Habré named the six most unusual keyboards today. They are intended for different purposes: both for games and for standard office tasks.

Keyboards can be not only comfortable, but also effective in terms of design. In the selection below, as the author of the material notes, there are tools that are not always comfortable to use, although they look attractive or at least unusual.

  1. Azio Retro… The main elements of the keyboard are made of leather and copper. There are several color options, including black, white, black and gold. In terms of functionality, it is similar to a regular keyboard, that is, the only plus of Azio Retro is its design. You can work on this keyboard in standard programs: it is not suitable for games.
  1. Doomsday keyboard… Its design is in the style of industrial systems, and in fact it is actually a device for controlling missiles. It can be restored and used for its intended purpose, the author notes.
  1. Bloody B740A Light Strike… This is a gaming model, although you can use it for work too. The switches on the keyboard are not mechanical, but optical, which, in the event of a breakdown, will complicate the search and replacement of these parts. The model is equipped with moisture protection, backlight, macro recording function. Overall, the keyboard is very solid.
  1. Mad Catz MCB43107N0B2… Also a gaming device. Features customizable backlit keyboard, backlit touchscreen back panel, 12 programmable keys. The device is connected to a computer via USB. It also offers its own software of the company, there are ports for a microphone and headphones.
  1. Koolertron Programmable Split Mechanical Keyboard… This is a special tool for programmers and those professionals who constantly work with texts. It is believed that splitting the keyboard in this way allows you to type faster. There are wireless and wired versions of the device.
  1. Lily58 Pro… Keyboard similar to the previous model. It is completely customizable. Among the interesting features here are two LED-screens, backlight support, the ability to replace keys. There are already soldered models to choose from and those that you need to assemble yourself.


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