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6.80 lakh SIM cards may be blocked, Telecom Department will do re-verification

Telecom Department takes decision against fake sim

The government has taken a big step to curb scammers who use fake SIMs. Telecom department will re-verify about 6.8 lakh mobile connections. Nowadays many cases of online fraud are being seen. Scammers extort money by luring people into their web. Such scams mostly happen due to fraudulent SIMs. Action is being taken against scammers who are fooling many users by using fake SIMs. Read its complete details here.

Telecom department suspects more than 6 lakh numbers

The government has returned more than 6 lakh mobile numbers for KYC. These mobile connections will have to be verified again in 60 days. The Telecom Department has identified 6.8 lakh mobile connections which are under suspicion. These connections are those which have been obtained with fake documents. These documents include identity proof and address proof. The department doubts their authentication.

The government ordered the companies

The Telecom Department has ordered the companies to re-verify these 6.8 lakh mobile numbers. All telecom companies will have to re-verify these numbers within 60 days. If not verified then these numbers will be blocked.

How did the government identify these numbers

The government was able to identify these numbers because of coordination between departments and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This easily showed how successful digital platforms can be in preventing the use of fake identities. The Telecom Department has taken this decision to re-verify the authenticity of online transactions and mobile connections. This will prevent cases of fake SIMs and fraud.


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