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5G wireless service may still affect flights, FAA warns

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has called the new 5G wireless service a cause for concern for airlines. In a recent warning, the FAA said the new 5G wireless service could still disrupt flights. On Thursday, the FAA launched a dedicated webpage on 5G and aviation security, according to Reuters. This has raised questions about the potential impact of 5G on sensitive airplane electronics such as altimeters. Significantly, this week AT&T and Verizon have agreed to take similar precautions in France. Keeping in view the safety of the aircraft and the purpose of seconding the troubles related to flight, under an agreement, these companies will delay the use of C-band spectrum for wireless service till January 19.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden commended two weeks into a deal between wireless carriers and US regulators to allow 5G deployment. The FAA said That the delay in this will give companies time to prepare to reduce the effect of altimeters.

The FAA said 5G airport buffer zones in France cover ’96 seconds of flight’, while security precautions around US airports ‘only protect the last 20 seconds of flight.’ Also special is that in France it is allowed to tilt the antenna downwards to limit any damage. This rule is not there in America. The FAA’s website states that it is obligated to stop the activity if there is a potential for risk to the public.

AT&T and Verizon won almost all C-band spectrum in an auction last year for $80 billion (about Rs 5,94,215 crore). In early November, the FAA issued a warning action to address the potential impact on flights due to 5G. After this, the use of C-band spectrum was postponed till 5 January. Now it has been extended till January 19. AT&T and Verizon have been assured that they will be able to start the service from this month. Apart from this, the FAA has also agreed to create temporary buffer zones for 50 airports.

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