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5G will be old, as soon as 6G arrives, the public will break down! 29 crore connections expected in 2 years

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Currently, 5G mobile networks are expanding in many countries of the world including India. People are rapidly adopting 5G technology because it offers faster internet speed. Although 6G People will forget about 5G as soon as it arrives! This can be said because 6G can provide 1000 times faster downlink speed than 5G. It is estimated that there will be approximately 29 crore connections in the first 2 years of the launch of 6G. Telecom Well-known research firm of the sector Juniper Research Has shared these figures.

It is reported that 6G is expected to be officially launched in 2029 and there will be 29 crore connections worldwide in the year 2030. However, the report also says that to make this possible, telecom companies will have to overcome technical problems. The network will have to be upgraded rapidly.

The report says that the high-frequency spectrum available in 6G will be capable of providing 100 times more throughput speed than the existing 5G network. The biggest challenge will come to the telecom companies because they will have to solve the network. The report also says that 6G will start from densely populated areas, because companies will want to connect as many people as possible.

Talking about the expansion of 5G network in India, in August last year, Union Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav had said that 5G has been extended to more than 3 lakh places. This work has been done in 10 months. All 3 lakh 5G sites are present in 714 districts of India, that is, 714 districts now have the facility of 5G network.

Ashwini Vaishnav had said that the world’s fastest 5G rollout is going on. 5G has reached more than 3 lakh sites in 714 districts of India. At present, there are only two telecom companies providing 5G services in India, which include Jio and Airtel. Voda-Idea’s 5G services may also start in the country soon.


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