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5G technology will change your whole world, you will get facilities like smart ambulance to cloud gaming, speed will be a storm

New Delhi: 5G Speed : Telecom companies are gearing up to launch 5G services in India as soon as possible and India is all set for uninterrupted video with better data speed and blazing speed. After 5G, many big changes will be seen. After these services come, people will get facilities like cloud gaming from smart ambulance. Customers can also have a completely new experience during their shopping. With fifth generation i.e. 5G telecommunication services, it will be possible to download high quality large videos or movies on mobiles and other devices within seconds. 5G will support about one lakh communication devices in one square kilometer.

5G services will be superfast (about 10 times faster than 4G), reduce connectivity latency rates and enable real-time data sharing across billions of connected devices. Through this, 3D holograms will change the calling, metaverse experience and educational experience as well. Interestingly, Indian consumers will soon start getting 5G services in select cities and will see a wider rollout in the next 12-18 months.

AR will change your world:

Retailers are working with Augmentative Realty (AR) in the 5G environment. This allows buyers to experience how the new furniture will look in their home. 5G services are also said to revolutionize the way education is delivered. Even in remote areas, it will be possible to teach by connecting teachers or guest lecturers through powered holograms or by broadcasting mixed-augmentative reality content in the classroom. Earlier this year, Airtel demonstrated a 5G connected ambulance with Apollo Hospitals and Cisco. With the help of this, hospital doctors and specialists can get information about patient’s telemetry data in real time.

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