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5G Spectrum: 10Gbps speed will be available in 5G network, users will get many more benefits


5G spectrum auction will continue till 6 pm.
With the arrival of 5G network, users will get many times faster network speed.
5G will also help in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space.

5G Spectrum Auction: India’s 5G spectrum auction has begun on Tuesday with four companies, including Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel, set to bid for 72 GHz radiowaves worth Rs 4.3 lakh crore. The bidding has started at 10 am and will continue till 6 pm. Along with the auction of 5G spectrum, let us know what is 5G network, what are its benefits, what can users expect from it…

What is 5G? It is the latest network that offers faster internet speeds than ever before (multi-Gbps peak speed), ultra low-latency. In this, the user gets more reliability, a larger network capacity.

5G can be implemented in low-band, mid-band or high-band millimeter-wave 24 GHz up to 54 GHz. Low-band 5G uses the same frequency range as 4G, between 600Mhz to 900Mhz, mid-band 5G uses mmWaves between 1.7GHz to 4.7 GHz, and high-band 5G uses frequencies of 24-47 GHz does.

In India, a total of 72097.85 MHz spectrum with a validity of 20 years will be auctioned by the end of July. The auction will be conducted for spectrum in the low, medium and high (26 GHz) frequency bands.

What will the users benefit from 5G?
Compared to 4G, 5G technology will come with a much better interface. While 4G offers speeds of up to 150Mbps, 5G has been reported to have download speeds of up to 10Gbps. That is, users can download full HD movies with 5G speed in a few seconds.

Whereas, in the case of upload, 5G network can provide upload speed up to 1Gbps as compared to 50Mbps upload speed on 4G network. In addition, 5G can connect to many more devices than 4G. 5G is designed to connect many more devices than smartphones.

How much will be the price?
There is currently no official information about how much the 5G plan will cost in India. But it is expected that we will have to pay a little more for 5G than what is being paid for 4G.

The cheapest internet in the world is available in India, and it is expected to remain intact even after the 5G rollout. In March 2022, Randeep Sekhon, CTO of Airtel had said that the cost of a 5G plan in India would be the same as a 4G plan. However, nothing can be said before the official price comes.

Will there be a separate mobile tower for 5G?
According to the report, 5G will run on the same radio frequencies that are currently being used in your mobile data, Wi-Fi and satellite communication. Telecom providers will not need to change their towers for services, as it runs on the same frequency.

5G will do more than just improve your network connection. 5G will also bring many opportunities in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space, as scientists will be able to program more and more data into their systems, with results and solutions coming soon.

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