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5G share of fixed wireless connections in 2026 to reach 40%

The global fixed wireless access (FWA) market is rapidly expanding to meet the demand for high-speed broadband connections in both the enterprise and consumer segments. Growth is accelerating with the adoption of 5G technology, allowing FWA to compete with fiber. According to the forecast of the analytical company ABI Research, by 2026 the FWA market will exceed 180 million subscriptions and generate revenue of $ 70 billion. By then, 5G’s share of the FWA market will reach 40%.

As 5G deployments continue to accelerate, operators are leveraging the benefits of 5G technology to deliver high-bandwidth FWA services. The high speed and low latency of 5G enable vendors to offer this technology as an attractive alternative to fixed broadband in an environment where fiber-optic broadband is not available. What’s more, 5G FWA can be deployed faster and at lower cost compared to Fiber to the Home (FTTH) installations.

The rapid deployment of 5G in North America and Western Europe is expected to drive the 5G FWA market. Considering the size of the DSL user base in North America and the low FTTH penetration rate in Western Europe, the opportunity for 5G FWA service seems significant to analysts. They expect North America and Europe combined to account for nearly 60% of global 5G FWA subscriptions in 2026.


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