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5G phone, service, area everything is still not working, so this is a simple solution


New Delhi.airtel And Reliance Jio are the first two telecom service providers to start 5G service in India. But only Airtel 5G Plus is available in the cities in which it was launched. Jio is still in the process of rolling out its 5G service in 4 cities that were introduced at the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022.

Vodafone Idea has not taken any step regarding its plan for 5G rollout. In such a situation, Airtel is seen at the top, because its users are able to use 5G service in select cities. Despite all this, users of any telecom company are not able to use 5G service everywhere, even in 5G cities.

Even though Airtel has 5G in 8 cities, while Jio claims its True 5G is available in four cities, you won’t be able to use 5G on your phone everywhere, even in these select cities. There are two reasons for this, firstly the smartphone does not support 5G and second is the non-service location.

The rollout of 5G service in India started with limited cities and even those cities do not have 5G network everywhere. Both Airtel and Reliance Jio are working towards expanding their 5G network. Airtel has said that it will make 5G available at all locations in 8 cities, while Jio aims to make 5G available in four cities by the end of this year.

limited availability

5G service is currently available in very few places. Airtel 5G Plus is available in small pockets in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Siliguri, Varanasi and Nagpur. Jio has announced that its 5G service will be available in Delhi, Kolkata, Varanasi and Mumbai. According to Ookla, Jio has limited availability in these cities, which means that Jio users residing in these cities are also expected to use 5G.

According to Airtel and Reliance Jio, the 5G rollout will be expanded next year. So it is expected that users will be able to use 5G on their phones by the end of this year.

Phones not supporting 5G

The second reason is that the phone of the users does not support 5G. You may have a phone that doesn’t support 5G or supports 5G but lacks the necessary software. If you live in one of the cities with 5G availability and there is a 5G tower in your area, then your phone is the reason why you can’t access 5G. There’s no shortage of 5G phones so upgrading shouldn’t be a problem.

Many people who have a 5G phone but still cannot use it and are dependent on the brand of their phone. Let us tell you that companies like Realme, Motorola, Xiaomi, Vivo, OnePlus and Oppo have made software that provides 5G service in most of their phones. Apple, Samsung and Google have given time till December. Unless your phone gets the required software, your 5G phone may not support 5G bands operating in India.

In the next one year, the availability of 5G network in most cities or most places of India is expected to be low. Now it has to be seen how long all the users of India can get the facility of this fast internet service. At present, if you are using 5G phone in 5G area and still you are not getting fast internet service then first of all you should wait for 5G system upgrade in your phone. After that you go to the settings of your phone and go to the network and select the 5G option there. After this it is expected that you will start getting the facility of 5G service and if even after that you are not able to take advantage then you will have to wait for few more days.

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