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5G Phone Buying Tips: While buying 5G phone, pay attention to 3 things, otherwise 4G will get wasted speed

New Delhi. 5G Phone Buying Tips: PM Modi has launched 5G network in India. With this, Airtel has started its 5G network from a total of 8 cities. Soon 5G network will be started by Reliance Jio. As it is known that to use 5G network, it is necessary to have a 5G phone. Therefore, if you are going to buy a 5G phone at home, then these 3 things should always be taken care of. Otherwise your 5G smartphone may give 4G-like speed.

How many 5G bands are required for the phone?

5G network has started in India. If you are an Airtel customer and live in a metro city, you can use the 5G network. If you are buying a new 5G smartphone, then you should not buy a smartphone with a single 5G band. In such a situation, it may be that a smartphone with a single 5G band will get the same speed as 4G. However, it is not yet clear which bands will be supported in India. In such a situation, it would be better that the 5G smartphone you are buying supports as many 5G bands as possible.

Which 5G band will get more coverage
Customers should not buy 5G smartphones with mmWave radio frequency. Actually it would be a good idea to buy a smartphone with Sub-6Ghz 5G frequency support, as these networks get more coverage area. These are called mid-range bands, which will be fit for use in every respect.

5G smartphone battery life
In 5G technology, more battery is consumed during data receiving. In such a situation, buying a 5G smartphone with a big battery would be a good option. In 5G smartphones, 3 additional antennas are provided to receive the signal. In this case, there is a problem of battery heating and discharging.

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