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5G in India: The answer to the smallest question in your mind will be in front of you in a single click.

New Delhi. Time is changing and technology is also changing with time. Slowly we are moving towards digital world. There was a time when we all used to use 2G and now there is a time when there is talk about the launch of 5G. But there are many aspects related to it which remain untouched till date. There are many questions about 5G in the mind of almost every user, which not everyone is able to answer correctly. Today we have come up with answers to some such questions. We spoke to Vidhu Nautiyal, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of CloudConnect Communications about 5G and what he thought about 5G or what the facts are regarding this matter, he told us all.

Question: When will 5G technology launch in India?
If seen from the point of view of timeline, then the Government of India is working on 5G from all sides. Spectrum auction is also going on very fast. From the user’s point of view, it may take 3 to 6 months for 5G to come to India.

Question: Can it be that after the advent of 5G, only one operator will have a monopoly in the telecom sector? Because if this happens then the user will have to spend more money and they will have no option to switch to another network.
There is no such possibility. Certainly, there will not be a monopoly and I think it will not be exclusive to any particular telecom company. It is for all and to take the country towards digital world. But still everything depends on the service provided by the company. If the user likes the service of any company, then he will be associated with that company and if not, then he will not face any problem in switching the network. If we talk about a positive point, then the Government of India is also giving 5G spectrum to private industries. So I think this can change the business and more people will like this service going forward.

Question: Being a user, I always wanted to know what is the difference between 4G and 5G in terms of speed. So what do you think the user will get the maximum speed after the 5G launch?
This is a very tricky question. But still let me give you a guess. I think the average speed can be around 5 gigabytes or 5 Mbps per second, which is quite high for a mobile. It can go up to 100 gigabytes. However, these are just figures. But you will see a lot of difference between 4G and 5G.

Question: BSNL has not even launched its 4G yet. But according to the news, the company is going to launch it on August 15. So do you think the company has 5G in its pipeline right now or not? Because if the company does not launch 5G soon, then it will take a long time to compete with other companies in the telecom market and during that time other telecom operators will probably win.
You know that BSNL is a government company so it all depends only on the policy. At this time the government is promoting 5G with many organizations. In such a situation, as soon as they launch 4G, after that they will immediately move towards 5G.

Question: What will be the benefit of 5G for the users?
Talking about 5G, it is very user centric and user specific. This will directly connect the hospital with the patient and that too in real time. For example – if a person is in a remote area and he needs treatment from a big hospital in a big city, then this service will be given to him in real time through 5G.

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Question: Will rural areas get 5G service in the initial days or in the next 6 months?
Suppose a factory is set up in a rural area, then it has to be connected from outside, then a private 5G can be installed for that area so that its connectivity will increase. As soon as it is sent to private enterprises, it will become very easy for rural areas. This will mean that perhaps in 3 to 4 months, 5G will be made available in rural areas.

Question: Will the price of 5G service be kept according to each user?
Every company wants revenue in the end. Because they have to invest money for good service in many places. But still companies will try their best to keep the prices of 5G service according to every user. The prices may be high at first but they can be reduced with time.

Question: As CloudConnect, what is your role in 5G service?
Our important role regarding 5G comes on the telephony part. We will make 5G available on it.


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