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50% of users make this mistake while saving passwords for accounts, see details

New Delhi:Password Hacking: Nowadays it is necessary to know the importance of password for online presence. That’s why there are a few things to strongly avoid while creating a password for any account. If you think that using a password manager app to keep your passwords safe will keep you safe, that’s not the case at all. Because, even password managers get hacked. A recent example of this is LastPass. whose technical information and source code have been stolen. In this case, proper care must be taken while creating the password.

However, if you use an app to protect your password and all the passwords from that app get leaked, it’s very scary and that’s what happened with the popular app LastPass. LastPass is considered to be the world’s largest password manager. whose service is used by people all over the world. However, the CEO of LastPass has said that LastPass’s technical information and source code have been stolen. The company is also saying that there is no evidence that users’ data and encrypted password vaults were stolen.

Single password is the biggest mistake:

It has often been observed that people keep the same password for different accounts. This is the biggest mistake. Because, if someone accidentally gets the password of one of your accounts, all your accounts will be hacked. According to a Google survey, more than 50% of users keep the same password for multiple accounts to make it easier to remember. This is also known as password recycling which can be very dangerous for you.

It can be easily guessed password Do not keep:

When creating a password, do not make it easy for anyone to guess. Because many times users’ accounts are hacked by just guessing the password. Not using special characters is also dangerous. Adding a lot of special characters to the password reduces the chances of the password being hacked.

Do not enter personal details:

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Do not include any of your personal details in the password. Avoid putting anyone’s name, city name, office name or your belongings in the password. Cybercriminals can easily guess them and hack your password. Password should not be short. Generally people keep passwords short for easy remembering and very easy for cybercriminals to crack. Also, avoid sharing the password with anyone and don’t keep the password in your notes. Because it may not be immediately, but in the future your password may fall into someone else’s hands.


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