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5 special features of Google Maps, you will be able to do these fun things along with seeing the location

Google Maps: Google Maps is no longer limited to just finding the way. With the help of this feature, you can now explore a lot. Therefore, we are bringing you information about some features of Google Maps.

Google Maps: Everyone must have used Google Maps at one time or another. With the help of this Google app, users often find their way to their destination. Google Maps is very useful for those people who are visiting a location for the first time. Once the user sets their location, Google tells them the easiest and safest way to reach there.

But sometimes Google Maps also deceives users by suggesting a path that leads to a dead end, forcing them to turn back. Well, this does not happen every time; it occurs only occasionally. There are many such features of Google Maps about which you may not be aware yet. That is why we are telling you about some special features of Google Maps.

Google Maps is a boon for EV users

If you are an electric vehicle (EV) user, then Google Maps is no less than a boon for you. You can set the location of the nearest EV charging station in Google Maps. Additionally, if you are going out somewhere, you can search for EV charging stations around your destination in advance, so that whenever you need to charge your EV, you can easily find a station.

Street View Time Travel Feature

The time travel feature of Google Street View is available on the mobile app. This feature allows you to view historical imagery and see how a place has changed over time. It’s worth noting that this special feature of Google is currently available only in some places.

Share live location

People often use Google Maps only when they are unsure of the route. Along with this, Google has also provided a fun feature in the Maps app, where you can share your live location with your family, friends, and relatives. In this feature, you have the option to share your live location for a specific period or indefinitely. Additionally, you can also turn it off manually.

Offline navigation

You can also download the map of any location through Google Maps. The good thing is that this map can be used offline even when there is no internet connection.

Discover new places through AI

Currently, this feature is available only to limited users. Through this upcoming feature of Google Maps, users will be able to discover new places very easily. Now you can ask for recommendations like a new place to party or a shop for home appliances from Google Maps. After this, you will receive an AI-generated summary.


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