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5 most powerful Russian tanks

The author noted that Russia possesses an impressive arsenal of various tanks. The T-34, for example, has powerful protection and at the same time is lightweight – 26 tons. The combat vehicle also has wide tracks, which gives an advantage when driving over rough terrain.

Also, Caleb Larson mentioned the T-54/55 tank. It was equipped with a 100mm rifled cannon, but its main advantage was the ability to easily upgrade.

Next on the list is the T-90. The expert called the tank “Frankenstein’s monster”: it had improved T-72 armor, a T-80 turret with a 125-mm smooth-bore gun.

The fourth tank is the T-95, which the author called the deadliest Russian tank. True, it exists only as a prototype.

Finally, Caleb Larson named the T-14 Armata. This tank has innovative design features – light weight, an unmanned turret and an engine of 1.5 thousand liters. with.

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