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5 largest helicopters in the world

Experts identify the 5 largest helicopters, both Soviet and Western, mainly American.

AT 12

The Soviet V-12 helicopter was developed by the Mil Design Bureau. It should have received the name Mi-12, but it was no longer needed by the military, for which it was preparing for production. Therefore, there are several cars left that have become museum exhibits.

The V-12 is distinguished by a 37-meter-long aircraft fuselage with a reverse narrowing wing, at the ends of which two D-25VF gas turbine engines with a capacity of 6500 hp are installed. each. The engines rotated two propellers with a diameter of 35 meters. The helicopter weighed 105 tons, could accelerate to 260 km / h and lift a cargo weighing 44.2 tons to an altitude of 2250 meters.

The car became the world record holder 8 times. It is still the largest helicopter in the world.

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