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5 exciting characters that earn you gold in Free Fire MAX to help you rise your rank

Players get many characters in Free Fire MAX . Most of the characters are bought with in-game currency i.e. Diamonds. However, some characters can also be obtained with in-game gold. Please tell that diamonds are bought with real money. Because of this, the players do not want to spend them. 

In such a situation, they are looking for those characters, who can be found without diamonds. If you are also in this search then read this article. Here are 5 powerful characters that can be found with gold and will also help you increase your rank. Come on, let’s know.

5 Fantastic Characters Of Free Fire MAX A

Each character in Free Fire Max has different abilities. With the help of their ability, players can easily win the game and increase their rank.

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Xayne ‘s ability helps Xtreme Encounter Free Fire Max players advance during the fight. When activated, players get an 80HP bonus and Glue deals 130% damage to walls/shields. It lasts for 15 seconds and takes 100 seconds to cool down after use.

Xayne can dodge enemies and knock them out of fight. The player is also less likely to die in a gunfight due to the HP bonus.


Maro’s ability gives the Falcon Fervar player the bonus of Long Range Damage. As the distance from the target increases, the damage output also increases. It gives a maximum bonus of 25% damage and adds an additional 3.5% when the target is marked. Considering the bonus damage, Maro’s ability is good for mid-range and long-range combat.


Hayato’s ability Bushido Free Fire MAX allows players to bypass armor and deal maximum damage. Gamers deal 10% Army Penetration for every 10% reduction in HP. Hayato’s ability renders an opponent’s armor useless. This is very useful for players who aim for body shots or use shotguns in combat.


Rafael’s ability is Dead Silent. It empowers snipers and shooter rifles with an illumining effect. This effect mimics the silencer and hides the sound of gunfire on the mini-map. Additionally, when an enemy is shot down, it bleeds 45% faster. Rafael is a good character for long-range players.


Jota’s ability is useful in recovering players’ health in Sustained Raids fight. Each shot that hits an enemy restores HP for the user. The gamer recovers 20% of his HP if the opponent is killed or knocked down. Jota is a good character for aggressive gameplay.


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