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4G Electric Meter: New electric meters are being installed indiscriminately, will be recharged like a smartphone

4G Electric Meter: The problem of electricity theft in India is very old and due to this, the power companies lose millions and the government has come up with a special way to stop it.

4G Electric Meter are Ready for Installation: The process of installing 4G Electric Meter in India has been accelerated, let us tell you that it has been started from Uttar Pradesh from July 1. This decision has been taken to bring down the increasing number of connections and power theft. Let us tell you that 4G electric meters will be very different from ordinary electricity meters and they will not be billed, in fact you will have to recharge them and then electricity will come to your house. 

Households which are fitted with old technology electricity meters will also be updated on the basis of new technology and they will be made smart meters. About 12 lakh meters of such meters are installed in the entire state which are working on old technology. These will be converted into smart meters.

How 4G Smart Prepaid Meter Works

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Talking about the working of 4G prepaid meters, you have to recharge them in the same way as you recharge a prepaid plan in a phone. This recharge will be valid for a specified period and you will be given fixed units in it. In such a situation, you will not need to take the tension of electricity bill. As soon as the 4G prepaid meter plan expires, you will have to recharge it again. This meter will not be tampered with in any way and if anyone is found doing so, then strict action can be taken against him. 

Discussion was going on to bring this system for a long time and it had been implemented in many areas of Uttar Pradesh and now the exercise has started in the entire state. In the coming few months, the work of its installation will be completed and power theft will be curbed. This process has got the green signal after the UP Power Corporation and the Union Ministry of Power agreed to install smart 4G prepaid meters. 


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