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3 Items Available Between OB34 and OB35 Update in Free Fire MAX That Will Make You a ‘Gaming Master’

3 items available in Free Fire MAX between OB34 and OB35 Update that can help users rank higher in the game. Let us tell you about those items.

Gamers playing Free Fire MAX are always in need of some great item or the other. Free Fire Max contains a lot of items that help players win the game. There are many items in Free Fire Max whose adjustments are changed after the arrival of new updates. The latest OB35 update is coming to Free Fire Max after a few days. 

The advance server of this update has been live for the last several days, while the update will be made live by the end of this month. In such a situation, players want to experience what are the items between the previous update and the upcoming update, which can help in improving their rank and some changes can also be seen in the same items after the update. Let us tell you about three such items of Free Fire Max . 

Cobra Rage bundle

It’s one of the rarest items coming to Free Fire last year, which was added at the Cobra Ascension event held in February. This item is also special because the color of any individual item can be changed in it. The bundle comes with a variety of perks, emote leads, exclusive emotes, arrival animations and parachute animations, etc.


If you play Free Fire Max, then you must have heard about this gun at some point or the other. This gun is also one of the most popular weapons. Its damage is also 61 like AK and it supports 58 fire rate. The range of this gun is 77, reload speed is 48, accuracy is 52 and magazine capacity is 30.

Death Guardian

Death Guardian, one of the coolest Reagan glue wall skins in Free Fire Max, will help you beat your enemies. This glue wall skin is found on the top-up of 500 diamonds. Since its price is high, very few people can buy this skin. That’s why this glue wall skin becomes one of Free Fire’s rarest items.

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