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3 Guns present in Garena Free Fire MAX, which will also win new players


New Delhi. The guns found in it are of great importance for players playing Garena Free Fire MAX. There are many special items in Free Fire Max, but the most special of them all are guns. No player can win a game without a gun because a gun is needed to kill the enemies. Let us tell you which are the three most dangerous and useful guns out of all the guns in Free Fire Max so far.


This is an SMG gun. This gun helps gamers a lot in one to one battle. This allows gamers to easily defeat enemies with level 2 and level 3 armor during one-to-one combat. The base damage of this gun is 49 hit points. At the same time, its rate of fire is 75. This much rate of fire is enough to kill any enemy in one shot. Gamers can be of great benefit to this gun in close-range combat.


Those interested in Free Fire Max must know about this gun. If you are a new gamer, then let us tell you that the M24 is a great sniper rifle. This rifle is used very well in mid-range and long range battles. With the help of this rifle, gamers can do all the work of the enemy in a single shot by aiming even from far-flung areas. Let us tell you that there are 15 bullets in one round of this rifle.


There are many assault rifles also available in Free Fire Max. The Scar is one of the best assault rifles of them all. Garena has increased the overall hit damage through several updates. The accuracy of this rifle is also very high. Because of this, this gun can be used very well in mid-range and close-range combat. Its rate of fire and range is 61. The characters of Free Fire Max are able to spot enemies easily with the help of this gun.

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