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3 Fantastic Pets Available After the OB35 Update in Free Fire MAX

The new OB35 update has recently arrived in Free Fire MAX. After this update, users can use these top-3 pets and win matches by killing enemies while gaming.

Gamers who play Free Fire MAX are always waiting for new updates. This time Garena has included the OB35 Update in this popular battle royale game. Through this update, the developers are trying to make their game even better than before. 

Whenever a new update is added to Free Fire Max, many of the game’s in-game items change. These include many items including characters, pets, emotes, bundles. 

In this article, we are going to tell you about the best pets available after OB35 update in Free Fire Max . Let us tell you about the five best pets that can give you great gaming even after the latest update in Free Fire Max. 


The name of this stomach ability is extra luck. Using this pet’s extra luck ability at the lowest level, each time users use Medkit, an inhaler or a repair kit, there is a 25 percent chance of getting additional benefits. It has a CD of 120 seconds.

However, the chances of getting an Extra Kit increase to 50 percent, while the CD drops to 70 seconds at the maximum level. Zasil is very useful for critical battles when users lack a help kit.

Mr. Waggor

You must have cover while attacking the enemies, because in such a battle the players can also fall prey to the enemy’s bullets. If you do not have a cover partner, Mr. Waggor can help you.

Found in Free Fire, this penguin comes with Smooth Gloo capability. Glue wall is found after every two minutes at the base level of the abdomen. At the maximum level, the stomach can give glue to the wall player every 100 seconds.


This is the newest pet to be included in Free Fire MAX after the OB34 update. Its mouth is like a fish. Its capability is named Dash Splash, which increases the movement speed of users within a radius of 20 meters within the radius of the elimination spot .

While at the lowest level, the effect lasts just two seconds with a 120-second CD (cooldown), at the maximum level, this stomach skill activates for five seconds with a 90-second CD.

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