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3 Best Uses Of Smoke Grenade In Free Fire Max, Use Smoke Grenade like this in Free Fire MAX, then your life will be saved

Smoke grenades can also be used quite well in Free Fire MAX, but users do not know about it. Let us tell you what are the best uses of smoke grenades in this game.

For users playing Free Fire MAX, each item found in it has a very special role. This is a game in which users get many items like characters, pets, bundles, guns, gun skins and glue walls with good graphics and gameplay. 

Because of these few special things, gamers from all over the world including India like this game a lot. In this article, we will tell you about such items, which do not have much name in this game but still gamers sometimes need it too much. 

The name of this item of Free Fire Max is Smoke Grenade. Let us show you how this item can be used best. 

To confuse you enemies

In Free Fire MAX , most players use smoke grenades to confuse their enemies. Throwing a smoke grenade when an enemy is on the run or camping can frighten them because they can’t see anything at the time. Due to this, many plans of enemies can fail and they may have to make a new plan.

To shoot at opponents

Apart from all the above mentioned things, the smoke grenade is also a very good item for firing at enemies. Apart from just hiding in the smoke, if any players are covered, they can also shoot carefully after seeing the enemies in the smoke. A smoke grenade is most useful when caught in an open area.

To waste the bullets of enemies

When all else fails in a game and the enemy is overwhelming you, sometimes the only option left is for the players to run away. Most players only use a glue wall for their cover while running, but they should also use a smoke grenade with a glue wall. In such a situation, the enemies will not see anything and their bullets will be wasted.

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