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3 awesome ways to recover data from your broken smartphone

Display breakage is common in smartphones. It has happened to most of us that we somehow dropped the phone and the display went completely dead. This is the moment, two things come to our mind – how much will it cost me to repair it and meanwhile the saved photos, videos and other data What will happen to

The second case becomes even more serious when the cost of repairing the screen is very high. If you are thinking that your broken smart fone How to get data from your iPhone and transfer it to a new device, so here are three methods you can try:

1. Use Google Backup or iCloud

Most modern smartphones, whether it’s an Android device or an iPhone, come with a cloud backup feature, usually as soon as you login with a Google Account (Android) or Apple ID (iPhone). If your device’s display gets damaged, you can use the same Google Account or Apple ID to log in to another device and it will automatically re-transfer the last backed up data to the new device.

2. Use Google Takeout and the iCloud website

Another way to download your data from your old smartphone is to use Google Takeout for Android and the iCloud website for iOS. For Android: Open on any web browser and login using the Google Account associated with the device. Here you can select the data like Contacts, Photos, Mail, Messages etc. which you want to download.

3.Samsung smartphone and iPhone users should do this work

If you own a Samsung smartphone and it is linked to your Samsung account. You can log in to the Find My Mobile website and use it to back up and download all your data to Samsung Cloud. For iOS: Log in to your iCloud account and here you can see all your data including Contacts, Notes, Photos, iCloud Drive and more.

4.Use the mouse and data cable to transfer your data

Modern smartphones also support wired external displays via MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) and a mouse. But, you’ll need an MHL cable and a wired mouse with a dongle to view the display on your TV or monitor and use the mouse to navigate through menus and transfer your data. These are the three common methods that you can use to transfer your data from a broken display device.

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