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2 hit series, work in award winning films, more than 400 advertisements, Anchal Singh no work for last six months

Anchal Singh News: Anchal Singh is a great actress and has made a lot of headlines by giving two tremendous hit web series. But now his pain has spilled on the occasion of the new year because even after spending 12 years in the industry, he is sitting unemployed in the house today.

Anchal Singh Web Series: There is no shortage of talent in the industry but when they stay away from the talent curtain, it is bound to hurt. Many actors go through the same pain when despite the skill being mine, they do not get work and they remain unemployed for months. Now actress Anchal Singh has shared the pain right there. On the occasion of the new year, Anchal has shared a post and expressed his heart and despite giving so much time to the industry, today he is unemployed at home. However, she is celebrating this time by staying with the family. But he is also sad to not get work. 

Work done in two hit web series
Anchal Singh has been in the industry for 12 years. During this time he has done a lot of work. But he has also given two tremendous hit web series. Released last year, it had black eyes and unseen superhit. Which people appreciated and loved. Not only this, their next part is also eagerly awaited. But despite this, he has been unemployed for 6 months, he is not getting any work. Despite not doing the best work, Anchal Singh has not been done till the nominee in any category. 

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Post share said heart    
The actress told in a post that people are asking her questions about what she is going to do in the coming year but the truth is that only two web series Apart from this, he has been called for any audition nor when the work was sought from the front, anyone gave him work. Apart from this, people are also asking them questions for not being nominated. According to him, he is not getting work nor nomination is in his hand, Lihaja is sitting at home without work at the end of the year. However, the positive thing is that the heat is working very patiently. And the reason for sharing this post is just to tell how people yearn for work even after being a talent. 


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