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2 businessmen and 2 actors own Tesla’s electric car in India

The company’s chief Elon Musk has said an important thing regarding the launch of Tesla cars in India. Responding to a question on Twitter on Thursday, Elon Musk said that Tesla “still faces many challenges with the government” in India. Allen’s tweet clearly indicates that it is time to launch Tesla cars in the country. Despite this, many Indians own Tesla cars. These people have bought Tesla cars by paying heavy import duty. Today we are telling you about the owners of Tesla cars in India. After all, who are those celebrities, who own Tesla’s advance and electric cars.

Prashant Ruia: The first name in this list is that of Prashant Ruia. He is the CEO of Essar Group. Prashant Ruia has bought the first Tesla car in the country. In the year 2017, he bought the blue colored Tesla Model X. of Hindustan Times Report As per reports, being an electric vehicle, this car was also exempted from RTO tax and cess. Usually, cars costing more than Rs 1 crore are taxed up to Rs 20 lakh. It is believed that Prashant has paid two crore rupees to buy this car. Apart from being electric, this car also boasts of self-driving features, which come under the SUV category.

Mukesh Ambani: Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani owns two Tesla cars. of gqindia Report According to reports, the first car in these is the Tesla Model S100D. Blue color This car is very beautiful to look at. It has also been spotted on the streets of Mumbai. Its price is said to be 1.2 crores, which was bought in the year 2019. This car has been registered under the name of Reliance Industries Limited. This electric car delivers a top speed of 250 kmph and can run up to 495 kms on a single charge. Apart from this, he has a Tesla Model X 100D car. It is bought in white color. Its price is close to 65 lakh rupees, but due to the heavy import duty, this price is around 1.5 crores. This car can run up to 475 km on a single charge.

Riteish Deshmukh: Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh also owns a Tesla car. of gqindia Report According to reports, the Tesla car was gifted to him by his wife on Ritesh’s birthday. This is a Tesla Model X car. This 7 seater car accelerates from 0 to 100 km in just 3.2 seconds. On a single charge, it can run up to 475 km.

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Pooja Batra: The next name in the list is of former actress Pooja Batra. He bought his Tesla car while living in Los Angeles. Because of this, they did not have to pay heavy import duty. His Tesla car is of model number 3. Which is the cheapest and most popular car of the company. It is registered in America only. On a single charge, this car can travel 386 km. Its top speed is 200 kms.


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