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1984 Lada Niva conquered Dakar-2022

The official website published information that on January 14 in Saudi Arabia, the Niva Red Legend Team, a private team from Switzerland with the support of the Lada brand, successfully finished in the Classic category of the famous Dakar 2022 rally marathon.

Team pilot Mario Jakober found and purchased a 1984 Lada Niva SUV found and purchased in Novosibirsk while visiting his wife’s relatives. In the same place, the car was converted into a rally raid. The main changes affected the body, interior, engine cooling system, while the engine itself, transmission, suspension and braking system of the car remained standard. The crew traveled all the way under the starting number “763” – the same code is the automobile index of the Samara region, the place of origin of the legendary off-road vehicle.

Both Mario Jakober and Sladan Miljic (crew navigator) praised the vehicle’s reliability. During the passage of the route, the crew never encountered serious breakdowns on the course.

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We have come a long way: from deciding to participate in the Dakar-2022 rally last winter to our triumphant finish in the legendary rally marathon! Our crew managed to realize our dream and pass the test to the end. After all, the main thing in Dakar is not even to win and take the podium, but to get to the finish line. And we owe a lot to our Lada Niva. We are grateful for the support of all our partners and, of course, our families.

Mario Jacober? ?

1984 Lada Niva conquered Dakar-2022

It was a truly exciting and exciting race. Narrow canyons, sand dunes, sharp stones managed to tickle the nerves of the fans and cause a lot of trouble for the team. My applause for the professionalism of the pilots of the Niva Red Legend Team and, of course, for our legendary SUV. Thank you for the beautiful race, thank you for the impressive finish. I sincerely hope that in the next seasons of the Dakar Rally we will see even more participants driving the iconic Niva Legend, and one day, perhaps, the Lada Sport factory team. Follow our news.

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