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19 year old YouTuber N3on filmed this video in Dubai without asking, girlfriend also went to jail

A well-known YouTuber of Indian-American descent, who goes by the name N3on, has reportedly been arrested and imprisoned for filming a video in Dubai without permission. According to reports, his girlfriend has also been detained alongside him.

Rangesh Mutama, a prominent figure on internet platforms like Kick and YouTube, known by the moniker N3on, is a 19-year-old Indian-American youth. Recent reports indicate that both Rangesh and his girlfriend, Sam Prank, were apprehended by Dubai Police and subsequently incarcerated. Allegations suggest that they were arrested for filming a video in a public theme park without obtaining permission. However, emerging news has left N3on’s fans reeling in shock.

Following heavy rainfall in Dubai last Monday night, the city is grappling with flood-like conditions. Amidst this, numerous social media users have claimed that N3on and his girlfriend, Sam, have tragically lost their lives due to the Dubai floods. Some users have shared screenshots purportedly from news channels reporting their demise. However, TV9 regards these claims as mere rumors until they are confirmed.

People claim- Dubai flood took the life of YouTuber





N3on’s last post on X was on April 5, while his last video on Kik was from 11 days ago. In this, he is shown listening to music in his car, walking on a skyscraper in Dubai and meeting the people there. At the same time, girlfriend Sam’s last post on her ex also came out at around the same time. After April 5, no activity was seen on his account either. N3on and Sam were in Dubai to celebrate Ramadan.


Last post before jail




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