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1800 employees became unemployed in one stroke, this giant tech company laid off

Tech Company Fires Employees: Most of the people know how difficult it is to get a job, but it is equally difficult to lose it suddenly after getting a job. Some time ago a giant tech company made its 1800 employees unemployed. Let us know why this happened and which company is this ..

Microsoft Laying Off Employees as part of Realignment 2022: In today’s time it is very difficult to get employment and in such a situation, those who get a job in a good company, they become worry free. But what if all of a sudden these people lose their jobs? If you are finding it strange to hear this, then let us tell you that a big tech company of the country has suddenly fired its 1800 employees. This company has done tremendous layoffs citing ‘realignment’ as the reason. Let us know who is this company and what is the reason for this. 

This giant company made 1800 employees unemployed 

For your information, let us tell you that the giant tech company that is being talked about is Microsoft. The company has suddenly fired 1800 employees from several regions under ‘structural adjustments’. The company has said that this step has been taken under ‘realignment’ and even after this Microsoft will continue to hire new employees. 

Reasons behind Microsoft’s layoffs 

If you are wondering why Microsoft has taken this step and what can be understood by ‘realignment’, then let us know about it in detail. The company says that the decision to lay off the employees was taken because some business groups and roles are being realigned after the end of the financial year on June 30. This decision has been taken keeping in view the business of the company. 

Let us tell you that less than 1 percent of Microsoft’s total 1.8 lakh employees have been fired in this layoff. Microsoft has said that even after the layoff, it will continue to invest in the business and this year the number of employees will also be increased. 

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