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17 degree temperature place found on the moon, will Nasa build the base of its moon mission here

The US space agency NASA has started speeding up its Moon mission. Under the Artemis program, she once again wants to land a human on the moon, but this time the preparations are big. NASA is planning to build a base for its astronauts on the Moon, so that it can be successful in reaching Mars from there in the future. Like NASA, China is also moving forward on the Moon mission, in which it is getting the support of Russia. China’s challenge has forced NASA to intensify its mission. The good thing is that the US Space Agency has completed the search for a better place to base its base on the Moon. Although it is not a surface area, it is a crater.

Indeed, data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) suggests that craters on the Moon have the most stable temperatures and may be the perfect place to base on the Moon. That is, for NASA’s Moon mission, the pit on the Moon can be the best spot, where the temperature remains constant.

The crater discovered by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is known as the ‘Mare Tranquillitatis’ region of the Moon. This pit is 100 meters deep and as wide as a football field. Scientists believe that due to the overhang of the pit, there is a shadow here, due to which there is a constant temperature of 17 ° C.

this information geophysical research letters is published in. It has been reported that these craters have a temperature of about 17 °C all the time, unlike the surface of the Moon. Talking about the surface of the Moon, the temperature there goes up to 127 ° C during the day and drops to -173 ° C at night. In such a situation, building a base on the surface of the Moon will make the mission impossible, while building a base in the pits can be effective, because the temperature there will be constant at 17 ° C.

The special thing is that these pits were discovered only in the year 2009. It was then believed that these pits would have led to the caves present there. Scientists also believed that the pits could be helpful in protecting astronauts from cosmic rays, solar radiation, and small meteorites.

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