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1600 year old ‘city of pearls’ found near Dubai, information about 4th century revealed

Al Sinniyah Island: Archaeologists of the United Arab Emirates have discovered an ancient city in their own country. This city is found on Al Sinniyah Island, about 42 miles north-east of Dubai. After this new discovery the early history of the area has come to light. This place is being called Pearling City i.e. city of pearls. Al Sinniyah Island has long been a center of attraction for tourists. Archaeologists are now saying that important information has been found about this place. Archaeologists believe that the ruins and remains of settlements found on Al Sinniyah Island are from around the fourth century, they are at least 1600 years old.

According to the American newspaper Miami Herald, scientists said that many big jars have been found from this place, which were imported from Mesopotamia. Aramaic inscriptions have also been found at two places, which are said to be between the first and fourth centuries. Archaeologists believe that the ruins found on Al Sinniyah Island may be the lost city of Tawam.

Why is it called the city of pearls?
Based on the remains found on Al Sinniyah Island, scientists are calling it Pearling City. Officials said that pearling means the practice of diving into the sea. People who have been diving into the water to find pearls and other sea creatures. It has been a symbol of the culture here for thousands of years. It is believed that the people of this ancient city must have been dependent on the sea, hence it is being called Pearling City.

Excavation has been going on on the island for four years
The pictures that have emerged after the excavation of the ancient city show a series of stone walls located near the coastline. When seen from above, it seems that many rectangular rooms are being built here. Officials said that excavation has been going on on the island for the last four years. Many important information has come to light so far, excavation and research work will continue in future also.

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