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16-year-old boy’s Apple Watch saved his life, detected falling oxygen level, diagnosed with serious illness

new Delhi.Apple Watch has once again saved the user’s life. Apple’s wearables have saved many lives many times before. Apple Watch helps in detecting problems related to the user’s health. Due to this, if any disease is detected at the right time, the risk of life of the user is averted.

This time Apple Watch has provided timely treatment to the 16-year-old skier. It happened that the blood oxygen in this child’s body had decreased. Apple Watch detected it immediately. Let us tell you, when the user wears the Apple Watch on the wrist, the watch can measure the blood oxygen level of the body. However, the Apple Blood Oxygen app is available in select countries only.

As CBS 8 reports, Marcella Lee, an anchor, shared her experience when her watch in Colorado detected her 16-year-old’s oxygen going low. He told that on a skiing trip with his son, his 16-year-old son told him that he was not feeling well. By nightfall, Lee notices that his son’s lips and fingers have turned pale blue. Then he put his Apple Watch on it and checked the blood oxygen level. A few seconds later the watch showed data that his son’s blood oxygen was 66 percent.

On further research, he came to know that medical attention should be sought if oxygen is less than 88. He took his son to the doctor. The surprising thing is that the oxygen level measured by the Apple Watch and the level measured by the doctor’s equipment were the same. Doctors said that if his son was not brought on time, he could have gone into a coma, but he got timely treatment and is fine now. Lee said that his son was diagnosed with a condition called high altitude pulmonary edema, which is not common among skiers.

As early as October 2022, the Apple Watch helped detect cancer in a 12-year-old girl in the US. The watch measured the girl’s heart rate and helped her get treatment on time. According to the report, the Apple Watch continuously sent notifications to her mother about her daughter’s high heart rate. On being taken to the hospital, the doctors came to know that there was a tumor in his appendix.


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