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16-year-old boy dies in LED TV explosion Don’t make these mistakes if you have a TV at home

New Delhi: An unfortunate incident of LED TV explosion has come to light. This incident is in Ghaziabad. A 16-year-old boy has died in this blast. Two others have been injured. The explosion was so strong that a part of the wall of the house collapsed. The wall on which the TV was hung. Incidents of explosions or fires in smartphones were always heard. But, now due to explosion in LED TV, concern is being expressed. If you also have LED TV in your house, then some things need to be taken care of. Learn tips.

Old wiring in the house
Old wiring in the home is one of the biggest causes of fires in electrical appliances. For this, it is necessary to keep an eye on the outdated wiring in your home. If necessary, it needs to be replaced. Old wiring always had short circuits. It can cause house fire. Also don’t leave the TV in standby mode for too long. If you are not watching TV, turn it off completely.

Electrical circuit overload
Using more extension cords than necessary in the home can be dangerous. Connecting TVs, computers and other electrical appliances to a single extension board can increase the load. Often users don’t realize the capabilities of extension boards. Overloading can lead to any unfortunate incident. The internal wiring of the extension board can be hit too hard due to high load. It can also catch fire.

Local repair and faulty capacitors
If an old TV breaks down, the user always gets it repaired by a local technician instead of an authorized service center to save some money. If you are doing so, stop doing so immediately. Local technicians may use poor quality wiring and capacitors while repairing the TV. So they can overheat.

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