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12th Fail Student: What to do if 12th fails (12th fail students kya kare)?

Students who are not able to pass their 12th class board exam and wonder what to do if they fail in 12th? Through this article, you will get the answer to the question “12th failed students kya kare” which bothers your mind.

Students find it difficult to complete their education without passing 12th standard. Students who are not able to continue their studies and drop out. Now, there are many course options that students have to further their studies so that they can get a graduate level degree.

What to do if the student fails in 12th

Can students do 12th failed graduation is a big question in every student’s mind? 12th failed graduation? And the answer is yes, students can do their graduation without passing 12th, a course called BPP (Bachelor of Preparatory Program), and they can do direct graduation anywhere.

The good news is that programs like BPP are now available for students who have not yet completed intermediate. Students can choose the best option for their generation.

Diploma course after 12th fail

Many students have to face failure in 12th class. Failure is not a sign that their future cannot be bright. They should try once again and attempt the exam. If they are not interested in 12th then they can go for Diploma courses based on 10th class merit. There are many diploma courses open for 10th pass students. Many technical and professional courses like Diploma in Engineering, Diploma in Yoga and Diploma in Languages ​​etc.

How to do graduation after 12th failure?

In the event that a student has not been able to pass his/her 12th standard education but wishes to pursue his/her graduation level education, they need not worry as there are various types of courses and ways that they can pursue. Will be able to assist. Therefore. Students who have passed their 10th or 8th class can easily pursue many diploma and other courses which have equivalent recognition and equivalent status to 12th class education.

If a student is good in computer course or diploma course then he/she can start learning that course as it is not necessary to be a graduate or 12th class pass. Students should research and decide what would be best for their career.

Question: What is Bachelor Preparatory Program (BPP) course?

Answer: Bachelor Preparatory Program course is offered to those students who want to do graduation but do not have the required qualification of 10+2 pass.

Question: If I have not passed class 12th, can I get a bachelor’s degree?

Answer: 12th failed graduation is not allowed by any institute or board but there are many courses which help students to get admission in graduation course even if they have not passed 12th.

Question: Are there any courses for students if they fail in 12th?

Answer: If the students could not clear their 12th class then there are many options in front of them to choose the course like they can go for diploma after 10th, BPP course etc.

Question: Is BPP equal to 12th?

Answer: IGNOU’s BPP course is Bachelor’s Preparatory Program. This course is started by IGNOU for those candidates who want to pursue higher degree course but do not have 10+2 certificate due to various reasons.

Question: Is BPP course valid?

Answer: The BPP course is for those students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree from IGNOU but do not have the required qualification. No, you cannot take admission in other universities after doing BPP from IGNOU. You must have completed graduation from IGNOU.


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