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Fake Paytm fraud is happening fiercely, if you do not want to be a victim, then know the ways to avoid it

The trend of digital and online transactions increased very rapidly after the demonetisation done by the Modi government at the Center in 2016. In today’s time every person uses online payment apps like Google Pay, Paytm, and PhonePe. In the era of Kovid-19, more transactions are being promoted, where digital transactions save your time. On the other hand it is also very convenient. People got benefited with online transactions, but people also got cheated many times while doing online transactions. In fact, while online and digital payment has given facilities to the people, on the other hand it is not free from danger.

 Along with the increasing online transactions, the activity of hackers and cyber attackers doing online fraud has also increased a lot. Recently, many such cases were seen and heard where the earnings of innocent people were grabbed through online fraud. Therefore, you also need to be very careful while making online payment. You should know that in the last few months people are being cheated using Paytm spoof app. Cases for committing fraud are increasing very fast.

 The interface of Paytm Spoof App is similar to the original Paytm App, using this hackers can easily commit fraud with people. You should know how this type of fraud is done so that you do not become a victim of such fraud. Actually, in cases related to Paytm spoof, thugs buy something from a shop, after which while doing Paytm, they make notification of fake payment using Paytm spoof.

 While doing this, the thugs demand full details from the shopkeeper. Such as the name of the shop, phone number of the shopkeeper etc. By entering all this information, these people show fake payment which looks exactly like real, not only this, through Paytm spoof, these people send fake payment notification to the shopkeeper’s account. Whereas in reality no money comes in the account.

how to avoid fraud:

 If you also want to avoid any such fraud, take care of some things. Always check your bank account balance after taking any payment. Along with this, you must also verify the source of credit, you must make sure that whenever any payment is credited, its notification comes from your bank itself.

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