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Wax or polish to make the car look good?

After taking a new four-wheeler, we take care of it like a sore on our palm. Even if the car gets a little scratched, it still feels good. Trying to make it feel sticky and neat. Take the car to the service center for washing to make it look clean and good. However, there are some things that need to be taken care of to keep the car clean and tidy. There are two types of car wax and car polish to make the car look good. But many mistakes are made due to lack of information. Polishing is a process of color correction and gloss. So waxing creates a protective coating on the paint. This protects against scratches.

Car waxing is the same as nail polish. A protective layer is applied on the nail. That’s how car wax works. The properties of car wax protect the paint from sun rays and heat. So the color of the car looks fresh. Car polish, on the other hand, helps to remove small scratches from the surface of the vehicle. If the color of the car has faded or lost its luster due to oxidation, polishing gives it a shine. However, polishing is not done regularly. It can also have bad side effects. Rinse the car before deciding whether to wax or polish it. Then lightly roll your fingers over the color. Check if your hand feels rough. If the surface is smooth, just wax it. If you notice roughness and scratches on your hands, polish them and then apply a layer of wax.

Frequent polishing can damage the color of the car. So it may be time to repaint. So choose a polish that contains mild chemicals. The polish lasts longer on the surface of the vehicle. Keeps water beading for up to one year. If waxed, it can melt due to heat. The color on the ceiling and hood in particular can be dull.

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