Thursday, February 22, 2024

1014-horsepower Hummer EV in Russia priced at 13 million rubles

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Thanks to parallel import in Russia you can buy a variety of cars from companies that have left Russia or have never been present on our market.

In 2021, the company General Motors introduced the Hummer electric pickup with impressive mass. In Russia in February of this year, at least two such machines were offered, while they managed to design them in the light category, which removes the restrictions for trucks to enter city centers.

Despite the classification as a light car, to drive the Hummer EV still requires driver’s license of cargo category «C». This is due to the fact that the maximum mass Hummer EV exceeds 3,5 tons.

One reason for the high mass of the Hummer EV is its powerful towing battery, the most powerful among light cars in the world. Its capacity is 200 kW•h. Despite the huge reserve of energy, Hummer EV is capable of traveling a little more than 500 km on a single charge.

1014-horsepower Hummer EV in Russia priced at 13 million rubles

Electric drive provides total power of 1014 hp. The price of this electric pickup in Russia starts from 21 million rubles. It is worth remembering that even in November last year, similar machines were available for 34 million rubles.

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