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10,000 photographs reveal a big secret of Antarctica! Will ‘crisis’ increase in future

The largest reservoir of frozen water on our earth is Antarctica. The problem of climate change and global warming has greatly affected Antarctica. It has been revealed in all the research that the ice of Antarctica is melting rapidly, due to which the sea level may increase worldwide. Research also says that the rise in sea level will threaten those cities which are situated near the coasts. Now another information about Antarctica has come to the fore. It has been learned that the giant ice blocks (glaciers) flowing from one place to another in Antarctica are moving fast in summer.

Leeds University A team of researchers led by K researchers has done this study. The team came to this conclusion after examining more than 10,000 satellite images taken over the Antarctic Peninsula between 2014 and 2021. Study in the journal Nature Geosciences publish has happened and warns of future challenges due to Antarctica.

The area for which this study was done Antarctic It is called a peninsula. It is the northernmost and hottest region of Antarctica. Seals, penguins and whales are present here. To understand the area, the team of scientists observed the pictures taken from space. It was found that the glaciers of Antarctica are flowing rapidly in their surrounding oceans and releasing water.

It has been said in the study that the glaciers present here travel an average of about one kilometer every year. The weather affects the journey of these glaciers. For example, when the temperature warmed, the flow of glaciers increased by 22%. This can affect the behavior of glaciers and they can increase sea level. Due to this, many types of challenges can emerge in future.

It has been estimated in the study that between 1992 and 2017, there has been an increase of about 7.6 mm in sea level due to melt water from glaciers. Ben Wallis, the first author of the study, said that this study shows how sensitive the glaciers present in Antarctica are to the environment. The seasonal behavior of these glaciers was already predicted, which has been confirmed by satellite images.


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