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10 thousand will be removed from the account in the name of Paytm Cashback, to save, do this by going to the app

New Delhi. Paytm users need to be careful. Because ignoring Cyber ​​Scam can cost you too much. After falling victim to this scam, thousands of rupees will be lost from your account. You will also be surprised to know about this scam. This scam is executed very cleverly. Also, the user does not even know anything about it.

Money disappearing from the account in the name of cashback-

A call will come on the account of Paytm Users. The user is lured on the phone. In the scam which is going on right now, the user is tempted to give cashback on paying the electricity bill. According to the information revealed, all his personal details will be obtained from the user in the name of greed. Later the same personal details will be used to cheat the user.

The scammer on the phone will tell you that if you pay the electricity bill today, you will get a hefty cashback. After paying the bill, an OTP will be sent to your phone. Later the same OTP will be used to withdraw money from your account. The special thing is that on getting the cashback, the scammer will also get you to install an app in your mobile. After installing the app, he will easily get the VPN connected. You can turn on the security by going to the Security Option of the Paytm App. This can save you too.

VPN is a type of server from which the data of any system or mobile can be easily accessed. Also, there will be no need for user permission to do this. Simply put, the scammer will not even need your permission to get the OTP. Also, after entering the same OTP, he will withdraw money from your account. In such a situation, if someone lures you to get cashback or money, then there is no need to do so.

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