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10 options to reduce the heating of the video card

  1. Fan in the side case cover… You can find additional space for a fan even in inexpensive cases like the Ginzzu B220 Black. Another thing is that the effectiveness of the method will depend on the case itself, ventilation, dimensions of the video card. It is worth experimenting on your own by placing the fan on both blowing and blowing. It will be best if the 120mm fan is close to the graphics card.
  1. Blowing the video card PCB… It will help to reduce the temperature by 10-15 degrees. In this case, there is a possibility that you will knock a small element on the back of the video card with a fan blade, so the fans still need to be fixed and a special bounding frame made.
  1. Replacing the radiator with a more massive one… You can simply rearrange the radiator from the older model to the graphics accelerator.
  1. Installing case fans on a factory graphics card heatsink… It is necessary to fasten the fans to the heatsink of the graphics accelerator using plastic ties. In this case, the fan speed is controlled by the motherboard. According to the author, the effective method turned out to be for the GeForce GTX 660. In addition, the noise level was also reduced.
  1. Replacing thermal paste, thermal pads and polishing the radiator surface… It is better to replace the thermal paste after the end of the warranty. As for the choice of the thermal paste itself and thermal pads, the user suggests taking a closer look at Arctic Cooling MX-5 and Arctic Cooling Thermal Pad.

Zystax also emphasized that all actions must be performed carefully. Otherwise, there is a risk of encountering bending of the PCB, chips of SMD elements, damage by static electricity.


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