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10 Most Useless Windows 10 Programs You Should Get Rid of

According to the author, the list of basic programs for Windows 7 and Windows 10 is still different. This is due to the improvement of the system. Therefore, it would be better to remove some utilities. About them – below.

  1. CCleaner… Used to clean up the system from “garbage”. In fact, “Disk Cleanup” on Windows 10 can do it faster: you can start it by right-clicking on the logical drive and selecting it from the list that appears. Additionally, CCleaner had security issues.
  1. DAEMON Tools… Now the Windows 10 operating system is able to independently emulate drives and mount disk image files in them. To do this, right-click on the image and click “Connect”.
  1. DriverPack Solution and other collections of drivers… The updated Windows 10 system can also download and install the necessary drivers. And if you install Windows without access to the Internet, then it would be better to download the necessary drivers to a USB flash drive, since other useless programs such as DriverPack Cloud are installed along with DriverPack Solution.
  1. μTorrent… This program has become simply insecure. An advertisement appeared in it, and also she was convicted of mining cryptocurrencies on users’ computers. Alternatively, you can download QBittorrent, which is free and easy to use.
  1. MediaGet… A torrent client, thanks to which you can immediately watch the content, and not wait for the end of its download. But at the same time, this program is extremely inconvenient: it contains ads, it offers to install unnecessary extensions, replace the home page in the browser, etc. In addition, you can start watching the movie before the end of the download in QBittorrent.


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