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10 Common Passwords That Are Easily Hacked, You Don’t Use Them


From mobile phones, laptops to Gmail IDs, we use passwords to secure
In a survey, it has been found that most of the people use phone number, date of birth in the password.
Such passwords can be hacked quickly. So do not forget to keep the special character in the password.

New Delhi: Often we use passwords to hide our personal things, but if that password is hacked, then all our personal data can be stolen from it. Actually, we need password in many places and for fear of forgetting it, we use very easy password. Anyone can easily hack these passwords.

There are many such common passwords in the world, which are used not only in India but are used all over the world, so let’s know about 10 such passwords which are most used in the world. Also they can be hacked easily.

Birthday, phone number, name or pin code related password is very common. It should never be used as a password.

People use passwords with numbers like 123 to make their password very easy. Apart from these, a large number of people create passwords by adding their birthday, last few digits of phone number, their name and birthday or even from the pin code of their city. Which can be cracked very easily, so you need to make your password very carefully.

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An agency named NordPass, which analyzes passwords in the world, made a list of the worst 200 passwords of 2020 (Top 200 most common passwords of the year 2020). Out of these 200 passwords, there are more than 100 such passwords which can be easily hacked. That is, it can be easily cracked by cybercriminals or anyone and then can misuse that account.

Let us know which passwords are included in the list.
1. The first number comes 123456 and it has been used by 25 lakh 43 thousand 285 users.
2. The second number comes 123456789 and it has been used by 9 lakh 61 thousand 436 users.
3. Password comes on the third number and it has been used by 3 lakh 60 thousand 467 users.
4. The fourth number is 12345678 and it has been used by 3 lakh 22 thousand 187 users.
5. The fifth number comes 111111 and it has been used by 2 lakh 30 thousand 507 users.
6. 123123 comes at number six and it has been used by 1 lakh 89 thousand 327 users.
7. The seventh number comes 1234567890 and it has been used by 1 lakh 71 thousand 724 users.
8. 1234567 comes on the eighth number and it has been used by 1 lakh 65 thousand 909 users.
9. abc123 comes at number nine and it has been used by 1 lakh 51 thousand 804 users.
10. 10th number comes at 00000 and it has been used by 1 lakh 22 thousand 982 users.

Then how to create strong password

Password with 1.12 characters is considered the strongest which is not easily cracked.
2. Always use some small and capital words while creating the password.
3. Must also use some special characters #, @, % in the password.
4. Make sure to change your password in 90 days.
5. Never use any number as a password.



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