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10 best web tools and services you must have

There are many websites on the internet and you have very little time. Do you want to make good use of your time on the net? We are here to present you some much needed web tools, which will make your life very easy and fun.

1. Zero Dollar Movies: Zero Dollar Movies is a collection of all the full length movies available for free to watch on YouTube. It includes very famous films as well as short films that people do not know but they are quite funny.

2. PixelR: If you’re looking for an online image editor, there’s really no answer to PixelR. There are certainly a lot of online image editors out there, but if you can’t afford tools like Adobe’s Creative Cloud, then PixelR is just the thing for you.

3. Mega: Mega is the next generation website of the very popular Megaupload. Megaupload has been shut down by the US Department of Justice in 2012. Megaupload is rebranded as Mega. But this time it has been brought as a cloud storage and sharing website. Its available capacity is to store up to 50 GB for free on secure cloud servers. If you do not have this mega account yet, then definitely get it. Apart from this, Mega also gives you the option of providing additional capacity of 500 GB cloud storage at the rate of Rs.8500 per year.

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4. Online OCR: Online OCR is a website that provides fundamental optical character recognition capabilities to people. This proves to be very useful when you have a hard copy of a document and need to convert it into a soft copy for editing, or just convert it to a format readable like Word on a digital interface.

5. Privnote/Wickr: Privatenote is a website that lets you send self-expiring notes. It creates a note on a link that automatically expires once opened. Similarly, Wickr also has a similar app for Android and iOS platforms.

6. Livestream: Livestream is a really fun find. It is very much like the Video Podcasts section of the iTunes Store and the website broadcasts live events. This includes live concerts, interviews, conferences, benefit events, videographic tracking, etc.

7. Scribble Maps: Scribble Maps is a portal through which you can map your route with markers with the help of Google Maps. Scribble Maps is very easy and convenient to use.

8. Print What You Like: According to the name, Print What You Like allows you to print the web page designed according to your requirement. You can remove annoying promotional materials and popups from your print selection. The user interface of Print What You Like is quite simple and easy to use.

9. Pipe bytes: This website is ideal for those who are concerned about the security of online file sharing. When a file is sent through a website, in this process the data is saved online or on a cloud server. pipbytes removes this process itself. In this, in the process of sending a file, both the sender and the recipient of the file are online together, and the file is sent directly to the person who is online at the same time on the other end and downloads that file. Is. In this, the file does not stay on any server and hence the possibility of copying or tampering with it is eliminated.

10. CloudConvert: There are many websites that do online change of documents. But many websites that convert the entire file omit some important types. The tagline of CloudConvert is ‘Convert anything to anything’. It does a great job converting files, and can convert most but not all types of files to other types of files.



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