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1 out of 5 cars in this country is electric, for these reasons people are buying EVs fiercely!

The world is rapidly moving towards electrification of vehicles. Almost all the countries are trying to have electric vehicles on their roads as it will help in reducing pollution and global warming as well as saving fuel. Norway has taken a big step in this direction, where one in five cars on the road is electric. It has been told in a report that this figure has doubled in less than three years.

Christina Boo, head of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, said on Monday (Via TOI) that good on the roads of Norway Electric Car The number of models is increasing. He said that while it took about 10 years for the country’s electric car fleet to come from zero to 10 percent, in less than three years this figure doubled to 20 percent.

they also Claimed that in the country electric vehicles The figure may even reach 30 percent in the coming two years.

Buying electric vehicles is tax-free in Norway. In addition, the cost of road tolls and public parking for EVs in the country is also low and in some cases vehicles can use public transport lanes. Somewhere these benefits are available to the people in the country. electric vehicles Acting as an incentive to adopt

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In India too, the government is encouraging people to adopt electric vehicles and for this they are offering incentives at a price below a certain limit. electric vehicles But subsidy is being given. However, due to poor charging infrastructure and recent fire incidents, the country is still relying more on non-electric vehicles.


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