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1 month free service or WiFi router, choose as you like, see ACT’s ‘Ha’ Broadband Plan

New Delhi: Internet Service Provider ACT Has brought a great offer for the users. Under this offer you can choose one month free service or free Wi-Fi router. That is, you get one thing for free. That is for sure. Now you may be thinking that the offer is great. But, how to take advantage of this offer, there is no reason to worry. Today we will give you complete information related to this offer. The benefit of this offer is being offered on ACT 40 Mbps broadband plan. However, the benefit will be available only when the user buys the plan for 6 months. Now if you are curious about the monthly cost of this plan, the monthly fee of this plan is Rs. 549. How much data is available in this plan or what benefits are offered, we will now inform you about it.

ACT Broadband Offers:

With an ACT 40 Mbps broadband plan, users also get 500 GB of high-speed data with some additional benefits. This means that the cost of the plan for six months is Rs. 3294 (excluding GST, GST will be extra). In terms of additional benefits, the company is offering a free installation with a 6-month plan. Once the data limit is reached, the speed will be reduced to 512 Kbps. As mentioned earlier, you can get either free Wi-Fi router or one month free service. If you opt for one month free service, you will get a total of 7 months service at Rs. 3294 (excluding GST charges). At the same time, if you choose a Wi-Fi router, you can avail the service for 6 months at this price. In 7 months, this deal is definitely good. Because the monthly fee for a 7 month plan is Rs. 470.

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